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17 Sep 2014
by ignite
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Sightrisk Ltd. is a vision science company based in Waterford, Ireland, which provides online analytical tools to eyecare professionals in order to identify people who are at risk of developing age-related eye diseases.

Our Mission

The mission of Sightrisk Ltd. is to deliver technologies and analytical processes that assess the risk of an individual developing age-related vision loss. By accurately identifying an individual’s risk factors for specific eye conditions, trained professionals can provide appropriate advice that can prevent or delay the onset of eye disease.

Our History

Sightrisk was established in May 2008 by the Directors: nutrition and vision scientist Dr. John Nolan, ophthalmic consultant Professor Stephen Beatty, and optometrist and physicist Graham O’Regan. In March 2011 Robert Kuchling joined the team as Managing Director.

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